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Made and Worn

Made and Worn is knitting made better. Its app enables knitters to create custom, easy to follow patterns that fit first time.

Made and Worn is a game changing business that employs an engineering approach to transform the knitting experience for the 48 million knitters across the UK and USA. These knitters - who are creating on average 26 projects per year - struggle with complicated knitting patterns with over half of knitters surveyed unable to complete a project. Made and Worn is an online knitting app that uses 3D technology and interactive instructions to enable any knitter to easily complete a professionally fitted garment in their own style.

We built Made and Worn to help knitters get the most satisfaction from their projects, not just from the glory of wearing their newly finished garment, but from the enjoyment felt during the making of each and every stitch. We believe in: great fit, easy to follow instructions and individual style.

Made and Worn generates patterns based on each knitter’s individual gauge and technique, helping to ensure that the finished garments fit and flatter. Guided by step-by-step instructions, our patterns simplify the often complex terminology of traditional patterns, and allow knitters to progress at their own pace. Made and Worn saves your progress as you go, ensuring less mistakes and a more enjoyable project. Our patterns are customisable, allowing each knitter to create a pattern and project that is unique to their tastes and will fit seamlessly into their wardrobe. We want you to make custom garments that you truly love, after all, they are Made and Worn by you!

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